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Gypsum  photoGypsum is not a new material in the building materials industry. Since Old gypsum is often used as a substitute for conventional materials, such as a wall of brick or wood roofs.

Gypsum has a light weight, flexible, resistant to fire and moist and easy installation make this material as 'excellent'.
No wonder that later sprung brands gypsum board on the market with a wide array of quality. So you do not buy one, here are some tips on choosing a good gypsum.
1. Flat surface

Select the gypsum board surface is flat, straight, and not bumpy. One example, no deflection (arch) on the surface when installed as a ceiling in the horizontal position.

Ideally, the value of deflection of not more than 2.0 mm per rod 600 mm. You need the help of professionals in the building to find this out. Average gypsum which will also make the process of painting or finishing better.

2. Have a nice paper quality

Gypsum boards made from gypsum core encased in paper coatings. Therefore choose gypsum has a paper coating adhesion strong so it is not easily peeled off when torn.

You should also pay attention to the quality of the paper. If the paper quality is not good will quickly absorb the paper, making the paper easier to mushroom, bubbling, and quickly perforated.

3. Light weight

Choose a lighter weight gypsum. Ideally, 9mm-thick gypsum board weighs no more than 15 kg.

Selecting a light weight gypsum will also help you during the installation process in the field. But do not be fooled, a lot of selling lightweight gypsum material, but it is fragile. You should select a lightweight gypsum is solid and sturdy.

4. Strong

Choose a strong gypsum; not easy to break or crack when hit a blunt object. Additionally select gypsum board also stable when used as a wall or room partitions.

There is an easy way to determine the strength gypsum, gypsum is usually strong when appointed does not feel fragile.

5. The smooth surfaces

Make sure the surface of the gypsum board is free from any form of defects, such as cracks or lumps. Conditions gypsum board surface flat and smooth effect on the quality of material so strong and durable.

6. Select the warranty

Next select the gypsum board warranty. Currently, there are many manufacturers of gypsum that provides the warranty. Warranty is very important to ensure the quality of the products received by consumers according to specifications.