Factors That Affect Height

There could be many reasons why you would like to be taller, like being able to play some particular sport, wanting to be more flexible, or just wanting to look better or intimidating. But is it really possible to grow taller in spite of genetic limitations? It definitely is.

Genetics is no doubt the biggest factor in deciding the height that we grow to, but it doesnt end there. There are many more factors that tend to be neglected but play a major role in deciding human height. Here we look at 5 of these factors of how to get taller naturally.

HGH: The Human Growth Hormone that is produced in the body signals the cells to divide and grow. When production of HGH slows down, height gain slows down and the hormone is utilized in growing hair, skin, nails and other things that continuously regenerate. HGH can be boosted by natural means like nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Sleep: Sleep revitalizes the body and aids in height growth. Nutrients are assimilated during sleep. Muscles grow during sleep. Deep sleep is essential in many ways for height gain.

Exercise: Exercise is an important growth factor. Exercises that target the spine and legs immensely help in height gain. These are the two locations that allow for the most increase in height through stretching and bone growth.

Relaxation: Massage, breathing exercises and other forms of relaxation are beneficial in rejuvenating the body and allowing muscles and bones to grow. Tension, erratic blood flow, etc. can lead to problems that impede the bodys response to exercise and nutrition.

Nutrition: The right nutrition is important for any improvement you wish to see in your body and the same goes for height. Healthy meals loaded with vitamins and minerals are required by the body for cell duplication that causes it to increase height.

Growing taller is by no means effortless. It needs a lot of dedication and hard work to gain height especially after puberty. According to each ones constitution, it could take anything from 20 minutes to one hour of exercise every day of the week to make gains. But the outcome is more than just increased height. You will be fitter in many ways than one.